HomeSight.TV is home to an assembly of visual floor plans. This site is free and open to all individuals including; real estate agents and property owners that wish to host their video floor plans with other similar video content.

  • No audio “selling” or voiceovers is allowed; background music or no sound is allowed.
  • No individual or company branding is allowed; however the HomeSight logo will be placed at the beginning and end of each video.
  • Only videos with a creative commons license will be allowed meaning; That others may copy, distribute and create derivative works from your video but only if they give you credit.


  • This site is not a listing web site; videos on this site does NOT constitute the property currently is, was or will be listed for sale by any individual or real estate agency. If you are interested for purchase please contact one of these REALTORS as to the properties status or find a more applicable website.
  • Videos are not necessarily intended as professional sales presentations.
  • Videos capture a moment in time and do not; necessarily accurately represent a properties current condition, layout or floor plan. The videos only intent to provide research but not necessarily limited to: Investors, property appraisers, Realtors, designers, builders, etc.